Let’s SLOW down

Let’s SLOW down

Aug 24, 2023Joey Simon

The idea of slow living means taking things at a relaxed pace, being in the moment, and focusing on what really matters. It started a long time ago as a response to our fast world. It began with the slow food movement, which wanted us to enjoy traditional and local food. Then, it grew and became slow living, which is about simplifying our lives and finding peace and happiness.

At the art studio, we love slow living! We provide a special place where you can slow down and enjoy. Our studio and classes are designed to help you relax and have fun. When you're on the clay wheel, time seems to slow down. You forget your worries and just focus on creating. It's like meditation, a peaceful break from busy days. In our clay wheel class, we encourage you to be present and mindful. We want you to enjoy the process and not worry too much about the final result.

When you're on the wheel, you might enter a flow state. That means you're completely focused and involved in what you're doing. You forget about time and feel energized and happy. It's a wonderful feeling!

So come to our art studio and experience the joy of slow living. Take a break, enjoy the clay wheel, and find your flow. It's a special time to relax and create something beautiful.

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